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Circular Design Workshop - Brazil

The first edition of the Circular Design Workshop was hosted in Santa Maria, a cute city in the south of Brazil. It gathered an amazing group of designers, engineers, students, teachers, and entrepreneurs on the mission of creating a better city. The workshop had the objective of promoting the importance of creating a circular system and of looking closely at the local resources and community. 

Workshop Collaborators

The afternoon was filled with creative talks, exchange of knowledge, long chats about the current scenario of Santa Maria, and a lot of brainstorming on how to create a better future for the city. 

Collaborators at Work

The workshop was inspired by the amazing global community Precious Plastic

One of the teams joined the mission of reducing plastic waste and worked on concepts of melting plastic, mixing materials, and creating products that can be used to improve streets, buildings and urban infrastructure of Santa Maria. 

Melted Plastic

The team of creatives from Guepardo, a digital marketing agency, focused on creating concepts for a digital platform that connects people and products from local individuals, small business, craftsman.


The Circular Design Workshop was also inspired by work published by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

This beautiful sunny day was just the spark for ideas that have the potential to create a circular future for Santa Maria! 

Workshop Curator
Mariana Pinheiro - Designer, co-founder of BreatheBuddies™

Workshop Participants
Cinara Copetti - Advertising at Guepardo
Deise Ramos - Advertising at Guepardo
Emely Angeli - Advertising at Guepardo
Fabiana Angelina - Engineering student - ONG Engenheiros Sem Fronteiras
Guilherme Blazoudakis Buneker -  Engineering student - ONG Engenheiros Sem Fronteiras
João Paulo Andrades Antunes - Designer at Guepardo
João Pedro Ribas - Engineering student - ONG Engenheiros Sem Fronteiras
Margaret Jobim - Engineering professor at UFSM
Maria Eduarda Teixeira Peres Righetto - Advertising at Guepardo
Patricia Carvalho - Designer - Alumni of UFN
Salette Mafalda Marchi - Design professor at

Workshop Collaborators
Qualithá - Andressa Bolzan Ribeiro

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