Mari Pinheiro


Sensorial Couch

The Sensorial Couch is conceptual smart couch developed to morph according to the user's activities, exploring their senses through the use of vibration patters, lights, smell and sounds. In order to enhance the sensorial experience, the Sensorial Couch is connected to the internet, and according the the user's activities it filters virtual interactions.  

The Couch has  3 set up modes: Social, Chill and Don't bug me.

Social Mode

The Social mode was designed for activities where the user is available for interactions, in the real and as well as in the virtual world. The couch is set up in a "open" format witch allows the users to look around and interact with their surroundings. In this mode the couch is programed to receive notifications from the internet at anytime, allowing the user to be fully connected.


Chill Mode

The Chill mode is appropriate for  times where the user just wants sit back, relax and enjoy the moment, but does not want to be totally disconnected from the world. The couch expands it's back, giving the user a grater sense of comfort and privacy without totally enclosing him from the environment. The virtual interactions will be limited to only important notifications, allowing the user to have time to take a brake from the world without missing any important messages.


Don't bug me

The Don't bug me mode is designed to bring total privacy to the user. For those times where it is needed to "escape from the world", even if it is only for a few minutes. The couch completely encloses the user, and invites them for a amazing sensorial experience with no disturbance form the physical surroundings as well as virtual.

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