Mari Pinheiro


Notification Buddies

The Notification Buddies is a series of glass figures that were conceptually designed during my Glass elective at RIT.  The concept behind these buddies is that they are able to "sense" that a close friend is sending a message and alerts you with light patterns. The buddies are able to filter incoming messages from your phone and only lets you know of the ones that most matter.

The Buddies are connected to an app that allows the user to filter notifications by creating groups of people.

Each time someone special sends a message, The Notification Buddy  will shine and bring color to it's surroundings.  The user can also link colors to each friend for easier identification. 


The Notification Buddies were hand crafted individually, and each one has a different personality. 


The bodies and heads were crafted in the hot shop, using solid glass to build the  basic shapes. Details such as ears and eyes were carefully designed using flame worked glass. 

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