Mari Pinheiro


Sensorial Experiment

As part of my thesis research, I've performed a sensorial test with a group of five people. This experiment was made with the intent of understanding preferences and reactions to the textures I had designed. Four different textures were made out of clay for this experiment. The users were asked to describe what they were feeling and what words popped into their minds as they interacted with the pieces.

During this interaction, the participants used many words related to nature, animals and landscape to describe the textures. The different types of bumps were noticed and the preference was for textures that allow the hand to flow easily, like the "wavy" texture. Textures that, at first glance, seemed more "aggressive" were surprisingly well accepted once the user started interacting with them, being described as fun and good for squeezing and scratching. 

At the end of each session the participants were asked to give a name to each texture pebble. Some names were repeated by the users, such as boomerang wave and sunflower.

As a result of this experiment, I have learned the importance of the flow of each texture, visually and physically. I was able to observe hand movements and the interaction with the different surfaces.

For the next sensorial test I would like to explore different scales and combinations of textures using both sides of the pebbles.

Thank you to those who helped me with this sensorial test :)

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