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Pogo Seat Mockup Testing


Im having so much fun with the bounciness of this project! I started by collecting all sorts of bouncy and rubbery materials that I could find. The colors  and textures were inspiring!

Using this selection, I started playing and experimenting with the materials, and made 3 little models with bubble wrap and paper. The models were fun and good to have a sense of scale. 


 After that, I started experimenting real scale mockups, to test bounciness, resistance and materials. The first one is simply a inner tube folded in two directions. The attachment of the folds are held by elastics, allowing the seat to be very flexible. 

Approved by the user!!! :))

The second mockup has its focus on the function of hoping around, just like the Pogo Ball. I cut a piece of scrap wood and made a circular shape that allowed the ball to fit in the middle. Also, this model fits perfectly the size of the feet on the sides. The model was tested, and led to some interesting results. 

Check out the testing videos below to the see  the results!!

Found the week point!!

The next steps of this projects will focus on finding materials that have resistance to support jumps and bounces. Also, I need to explore different ways to attach the ball to the jumping surface, with the concern of  safety and interaction with the user.

More post to come about this fun project :)


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