Mari Pinheiro


Pogo Seat

Hey! Today I will show a little bit about my Pogo Seat project. This project is part of the Form and Function class . The goal of this project is to design a furniture for living rooms, but not a traditional type of furniture, we were assigned to break the rules and rethink the way the activities take place in this environment. Why do we have to sit in sofas, eat on tables and have our tv nicely placed in a tv rack?

Having that thought in mind, I decided to design a furniture that keeps the user's body in movement. I believe that a body in movement keeps your brain in movement too. I have recently brought a yoga ball to class to use as my seat, and i love it. Now I cant sit in a normal chair without missing the bouncy movement of the ball. I started searching for bouncy objects, and what came in my mind was that cool toy from the 80's, the pogo ball!

Inspired by this awesome toy, Im developing my Pogo Chair, the idea is to have a inflatable ball that is attached to a wooden seat. Having this configuration the user can use furniture as a bouncing seat, or step on it and start jumping around.  During my brainstorming sketches I was considering using more than one ball, but ended up deciding to use just one. The reason for that is the flexibility that a single ball gives to the user being able to rotate to all sides easily. 

I have made a quick mockup to have a feeling of the  actual size. I used foam to represent the structure and a balloon to simulate the bouncy ball. To attach the ball to the foam I used a string to tie them together. The way it was attached was very interesting because it shows the user the way the furniture is built, and that concept I will bring to the final piece. 

This project is still in development, I will start testing with the final materials in the following weeks. As soon as I have developed more I will continue the post. Cant wait to hop around with this bouncy furniture. If you have any feedback on the project, or any suggestions feel free to comment below, I would love to see your opinion.