Mari Pinheiro


Whistle to Me


In this post I will show the process of a very sweet project that I worked this semester. This project was developed during the Design Lab class here at RIT, with professor Josh Owen. During the semester we worked together with students from the Sculpture department and it was amazing! I was able to learn all about the metal casting process. Check out the process and the project statement below. Hope you like it :)



Inspired by the movement of a whistling mouth, Whistle to Me is a cell phone shell designed to create an emotional relationship between the user and the object. The minimalistic design follows the Vignelli approach and principles, translating the idea of a sweet and gentle whistle into a simple and long lasting form. The technology is hidden inside the shell, creating an interesting acoustic quality due to the thickness of the material. The user is invited to relax and enjoy the pleasant sound that the “lips” of the product whistles.