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My Thesis Journey :)


So fall semester is here, and it's time to start my thesis journey! Yay :)

I will start using this Blog to document all of my progress throughout the semester. I will share all the cool research I'll be doing as well as pictures and videos of the fun experiments.

But people often ask: What is your thesis about?

How to even start to answer that!?

Well, a lot of cool ideas are now popping in to my head. Im very interested in studying the relationship between humans and their daily devices, such as smartphone, tablets, computers and also smart homes. Im curious to envision how will that interaction be in a near future. I dream about a future where our houses and objects will communicate with us in a friendly manner, helping us go through our daily activities in a fun and enjoyable way. For example, imagine getting home from work and your house sets up a meditation mood, with relaxing colors, scents and cool patterns to set the relaxing atmosphere. Or maybe you would be in the mood to exercise and a personal teacher would guide you through some ballet exercises, or yoga :) 

Another important subject that I want to explore is emotional design. How could my design help stimulate the user's senses in various ways, using colors, textures, aromas and sounds? And last but not least, how to build a long lasting relationship between the user and the object (or system)?

All these ideas are still in a very early stage and will evolve from these initial thoughts. Soon I will start experimenting with physical objects, trying to simulate all these ideas to see where it will all lead.

Please feel free to give your feedback on the subject, it will be fun :)


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