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Humans and tools

2001 space odyssey

2001 space odyssey

Since our ancestors, we have been using tools as extensions of our bodies, expanding our capabilities and enabling us to interact with the world. When in use, these tools become part of our body and we no longer have the distinction of where the body starts and ends. It's with the use of tools we have designed that mankind evolved to be in this technological world where devices are enabling us to enhance our capabilities even more.

Technology has started to expand the body’s sensorial capacities and has become a new invisible prothesis of human body that connect it with the entire world.
— Seçil Uğur

With the use of tools such as smartphones, tablets and computers, we now have easy access to information and people around the world. At the palm of our hands, we have the capability to reach friends at any time, anywhere, as well as being updated about news, weather, work and its also a great source of entertainment too!

 We are all connected thought the use of the internet, and it's great. But are we using this awesome technology in the most beneficial way?

It's easy to get distracted with the amount of cool information that technology brings and we often forget to look at the world around us. Our devices are creating a "bubble" around us that separates us from the real world, making us imerge in a virtual world confined to a flat glass screen.

It's also important to notice the way our devices were designed to function, and the side-effects that they bring to our bodies. More and more we are curving ourselves to immerse in this wonderful virtual world but we often don't realize the potential harm it mite be causing.


Our senses are also not being fully stimulated too. We can get a good sense of visuals and sounds, but there are a lot more senses to explore. Our bodies are able to react to many different sensory stimulus such as smells, touch or even balance.  What if we could feel more intensely this virtual world?


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